Chair massage is both a preventative and corrective solution for workplace stress and injuries. Developed in California, this type of massage requires no oil and is administered over clothing to the areas affected by tension.

The massotherapist will concentrate on different areas of the body depending on the client’s wishes or special tension areas, such as the shoulders, scalp, lower back, arms or even the legs. Contrary to a common misconception, chair massage does not tend to make employees sleepy. Rather, the massage energizes them by using blended techniques of sports and relaxation massage. Different techniques can be used depending on the region being treated and the client’s stated goal: Swedish, physiotherapy, shiatsu, amma, etc.

Le massage sur chaise est l’option optimale pour contrer et régler les problèmes de stress et les lésions professionnelles dans les entreprises.

Length of massages

We strongly recommend massages of minimum 15 minutes so that the body and mind can benefit from the activity. We can also offer massage of 20, 30 or even 45 minutes.


Frequency is determined by enterprise availability (of massage room) and the number of employees interested in the service. In general, visits vary between once per month to three times per week.


We generally require a minimum of twelve 15 minute massages to justify the massotherapist’s travel time. Exceptions do apply, so please contact us for more information.

Online reservation

We offer online reservations that require no management on your side. This simple and effective service is accessible from all devices: tablets, smartphones, laptops, office computers, etc.

How it works

The online schedule is customized to each company’s needs: the days, frequency, hour, massage lengths etc…


Hourly or by massage. Please contact us for further details.